Sunday, July 19, 2009

ACORN Cracked

Best-selling author and Fox News analyst Dick Morris calls a “one-stop clearinghouse to gain important intelligence on ACORN. It is a useful resource in exposing ACORN and its agenda unlike anything I've seen."

If you like what ACORN did to create the housing credit crisis, you’ll love how its leaders want to create health care “equality.” Visit to learn more about ACORN’s radical agenda for America, its bankrollers and allies, and its lurid plans for the American health care system.

Help Stop ACORN-style Socialized Medicine!
The sad truth is that a radical, left-wing organization like ACORN is actually affecting public policy, pushing America further down the slippery slope toward European-style socialism. ACORN alumni like President Obama and White House Director of Public Affairs Patrick Gaspard are busy enacting the organization’s agenda, beginning with health care. is designed to keep a finger on the pulse of this type of activity and alert the American people and media.
Help Us Get The Word Out!
The new website exposes ACORN’s history, which has resulted in lawsuits in 14 states involving alleged election law violations. It also examines the group’s continued campaigns against American companies, its financial supporters within the federal government, and its breathtaking strategy of seizing and occupying private property.

Help Us Expose ACORN-style Shakedowns of American Companies!
ACORN gets away with it because our elected leaders look the other way.
Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) recently promised Americans he would investigate ACORN, but flip-flopped two months later, saying the “powers that be” blocked it.

We demand to know the identity of the “powers that be” that would block such a sensible inquiry. They obviously exist within the federal establishment, as the money trail tells us. According to Fox News, ACORN has secured “upwards of $53 million in federal grants since the early 90s.” And what ACORN activities are funded with that money? As you’ll find on, they repossess foreclosed homes by breaking in, trespassing and encouraging people to illegally squat there.
In Baltimore, an ACORN member proudly cut the padlock off a foreclosed home in front of local TV cameras and proclaimed, “This is our house now!”
Activities of this kind, supported by the “powers that be,” can only continue if the American people turn the other cheek. We need your help to continue exposing ACORN, its agenda and its allies.

There is a growing body of research regarding ACORN, shining light on the questionable activities of the organization, but no single clearinghouse for all of the accumulated information. That’s what is designed to be.
And the more financial resources that the site can gather, the more ammunition we at the Education Action Fund will have to further investigate and expose ACORN’s alarming misuse of the public funds it receives.
An Allegheny County judge recently ordered 7 former ACORN workers to stand trial in connection with “elections law violations. “Somebody has to go after ACORN,” Senior District Judge Richard H. Zoller said, according to the Tribune-Review. “We will,” was the reply from a county detective.
We will, too, your honor.
Thank you...

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