Thursday, July 16, 2009

Update on News of Healthcare Reform

Dear Friends,

Nancy Pelosi is at it again. Yesterday, she dropped a 1,018-page
bill pushing government-run health care. We need to act now to
make sure that our worst nightmares don’t come true. We had a
great 48-hour campaign last week that pushed us well past
100,000 signatures, but we can’t stop there. Have you sent
Americans for Prosperity's "Hands Off My Healthcare" petition to
ten of your friends and family yet? If not, do so now
. Let’s reach
250,000 signatures – we are more than halfway there. This latest
bill includes: A new government health insurance plan. An individual
mandate that every one of us must purchase government-defined
health insurance or face new taxes and fines. This is a clear breaking
of the president's pledge not to raise taxes on Americans earning less
than $250,000 per year – at least 8 million Americans and their
families will see their taxes go up. An employer mandate that will
make businesses either provide government-defined insurance
coverage or pay a penalty tax. Another income tax on households
and many small businesses with an annual income of $350,000 to
help pay for all this. This is another broken campaign promise.
The president had pledged not to increase any American's taxes
above the level of the 1990s – and that is just what would happen.
Did I mention that the government will decide what is an “adequate”
health insurance package? A new bureaucracy – the Benefits
Advisory Committee – and the Secretary of Health and Human
Services will decide what coverage you have to pay for and what
diseases and treatments will be covered. Another bailout that will
cost taxpayers tens of billions of dollars – this time to unions to bail
out their retiree health care plans. More Comparative Effectiveness
Research that could lead to government bureaucrats denying you
health care treatment options.

I wonder if Nancy Pelosi has read all 1,018 pages of the bill? I highly
doubt it! Doesn't it seem like common sense that our representatives
to Congress, who will cast the votes to make those bills laws, should
read them first? Well, apparently only 44 senators and representatives
are willing to sign the Responsible Healthcare Reform Pledge to
promise to read the bill before voting on it – and to let Americans see
it, too. Are your senators or representative among those 44? Call them
today at (202) 224-3121 and ask them if they have signed the
Responsible Healthcare Reform Pledge! Is there really any excuse for
them not to? And while you're at it, why not call into a local talk radio
show or write a letter to the editor of your local paper on this issue?
In fact, if you’ll send me your letter to the editor and tell me your
name, city, and where you submitted it, we’ll publish it on the Patients
First site! My email is:

We don't need a health care bill that puts our health in the hands of
government bureaucrats. Keep up the pressure!

UPDATE: Just heard on radio that Obama had included something on
page 16 of the HealthCare Bill that if you are not covered by Health
Insurance, when his plan is put in place you will not be able to look for
Health Care because you will be forced to use the Governments Health
Care system. And he has plans of taking over Medicare. People these
are desperate times. We need to get involved!

Please check this site out:

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