Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sites to go to for info about the bills in the house...

Please click on these sites for information that is going on in this country on the hill right now as we speak. I hope it's not too late to move on some of these issues.

US Chamber of Commerce

This will protect our rights to bare Arms

Renewing American Leadership

In God We Trust, But Congress Must Be Watched!
Finally, there is some good news. Last Thursday,
the US House passed H.Con.Res. 131 directing the
Architect of the Capitol to engrave the Pledge of
Allegiance to the Flag and the National Motto of
"In God We Trust" in the Capitol Visitor Center (CVC).
During construction of the Capitol Visitor Center,
both “In God We Trust” and the pledge were omitted,
and the House Architect refused to have them added.
We were very vocal about the omissions and worked to
have both included. The words “In God We Trust” were
added just prior to the opening, but the Pledge of Allegiance
was not. The Pledge is the only set of common words that
both the House and the Senate recite to begin their legislative day.
We CAN fight back -- Join us now in Renewing American Leadership
Select Here To Defend American Civilization

Ask your Representative to Prevent Illegal Aliens
from Receiving Government Health Care Benefits

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