Tuesday, July 21, 2009

President Obama's Conference Call with Liberal Bloggers:

This is a Liberal Blog CrooksandLiars that President Obama attended.
Comments in ( ) are mine.

Blogger: John Amato asks Congress to work through the August recess
By John Amato Monday Jul 20, 2009 3:32pm

President Obama wanted to tell us directly what's going on..
He wants the bill to be strong with an excellent public option.
The status quo is unacceptable for Americans as premiums are
skyrocketing.. (So is government spending skyrocketing)

Doing nothing is defending the indefensible. Opponents are offering
up nothing and admit that they are just trying to stop it. He
mentioned Jim DeMint and Bill Kristol as examples of obstructionism.
Liberal Bloggers have done an excellent job of debunking right
wing myths... Bloggers have played and will play a critical role in
passing legislation... Record deficits is a myth. He inherited this
deficit and it's not an excuse for inaction... (Yeah he inherited
some, but he is making it worse)
It's important to keep pressure on members of Congress...
(Yeah, they could be voted out-we still have our votes and voices)
Sam Stein of Huff Po: Obama Calls On Bloggers To Keep Health Care
Pressure On Congress "I know the blogs are best at are debunking
myths that can slip through a lot of the traditional media outlets,"
he said. "And that is why you are going to play such an important
role in our success in the weeks to come." Very pleased that
Bloggers have been letting Congress know all about the desperation
Americans are feeling and that's been critical.
(Scared about job situation, the bill can wait a few weeks-we need jobs)
And he wants us to keep up the pressure on Congress and the media.
Doesn't want to wait.

Amato: My question is, now we have these, we'll call them conservative
democrats (they have got to be kidding) joining with some republicans
in wanting to delay the bill (we need reformed healthcare, but we don't
need to rush through it-they need to read it)and saying that they need
more time to go over it and actually read it. My question to you is will
you ask Congress to forgo their August recess and work this bill out
because while they're taking a vacation, millions of Americans are either
losing their health care or are about to go bankrupt because of health
care issues. (about to go bankrupt due to no jobs-that's priority)
So if they're going to whine about not having enough time then they
should act like real Americans and work during August.

President Obama: Well, here's what I've said. We cannot delay any
longer. If people keep on saying "what's the rush? We've been debating
this for fifty years. (so a few more weeks or months won't hurt) We've
been talking about health care reform throughout the campaign. The
day after I was elected we started contacting key leaders in Congress
about the fact that this was going to be #1 domestic priority. All
these committees have been meeting, all the experts have been talking
and knows the time to make tough decisions. I understand that people
want to put off tough decisions, but ultimately we can move the process
forward in which all the options have been considered and we go ahead
and make smarter choices that provide the American people with more
security, (more security with jobs) greater options as well as bending
the cost curve over the long term and I'm confident that we can achieve
that on the timeline that I put forward.

John Amato: I agree, will you then make them give us a bill before
the August recess?

President Obama: We are working as hard as we can and I've told
Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi that it is critical that we see serious
forward motion before people leave. Alright?

He dodged the question
Mon, 07/20/2009 - 16:32 — ConcernedCanuck
But gives great rhetoric speeches!! Everything this man has done since
the swearing in, seems to be the exact opposite of what he is saying.
He has the gift of the speech, that's for sure.

I like him, and his family but let's face it
Mon, 07/20/2009 - 16:43 — Evet
it ain't happening. (Yet)

Read and read well...
Mon, 07/20/2009 - 16:37 — Captain Kangaroo
I think the White House is reading this so here I go...
Forget about bipartisanship. The Republicans will never play along.
THAT IS OBVIOUS! Give it lip service but then forget about it. Get the
Blue Dogs and tell them they better get on board or they will not have
any help, none, when it's time for reelection. Let them know that if
they get defeated in an election because they backed a Democratic bill
you, the White House will be sure that they get a good job because they
put their old one on the line. And absolutely do not settle for some
bullshit plan that the Republicans think is alright.
Look, Their talking points say it all. And NEVER forget what Jim DeMint
said becasue it is their philosophy. They are only out to defeat you.
Nothing else will do for them.

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